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Image Consultant Singapore
The secret of having self-confidence to standout among the rest is now within your reach. Iconiq Image is an image consultancy firm in Singapore, which provides corporate soft skills training as well as image makeover/personal grooming workshops for men and women.

Iconiq Image consultancy firm is founded by Catherine Chan, a qualified image consultant recognised by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), which is among the world’s leading and largest of professional associations of image consultants worldwide.

Image Consultancy
Iconiq Image offers the know-how and empowers you with the ability to carry yourself with great confidence all the time. We can help you make positive changes in your confidence and the manner in which you carry yourself to excel in your chosen field and profession.

Consulting with Iconiq Image is guaranteed to produce effective results because we are manned by friendly, willing and able image consultants who will tailor their services accordingly to your needs and requirements.

Personal Branding
Iconiq Image provides a unique training and coaching approach that can help to enhance your clarity, confidence and charisma.

We believe that every individual has that “special something” from within (an “X-Factor” if you will), which can be honed to perfection and help you stand out from the crowd.

“We will help you bridge the gap and help align visual identity with your talents, skills, vision and values in life so you can progress,” says Catherine whose 16 years stint in the corporate identity and branding arena sharpened her skills in image and personal branding.


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