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Iconiq Image is one of the established corporate training companies in Singapore with large corporate clients such as Microsoft Singapore.

Our corporate trainers can help your talents deliver and fulfil the best corporate promise and experience possible.

‘I would like to commend you on your knack of making the training very personable and actionable to each member of the team regardless of their competency and confidence levels.’

Ms Kwang Lee Peng
Microsoft Singapore

Corporate Training Companies in Singapore


This programme has the aim of helping sales professionals, managers and client-facing staff project themselves as confidently as possible.

As a result, your staff will be able to give a consistently positive impression of your corporate brand.

  • Establish instant likeability and rapport with people you meet
  • Determine the proper professional conduct in unexpected situations
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with power and tangible results
  • Adopt the right choice of words and manner to help you bridge gaps
  • Master dining and entertainment etiquette
  • Identify steps to starting and maintaining conversations
  • Discover how to handle different business networking scenarios

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If you want your staff to project a sharp, confident and credible image at all times, our Iconiq Image consultants can help them enhance their image and communications skills through our corporate and executive training so that it is consistent with your corporate brand and identity.

  • Determine the steps to making sure your image is consistent with your corporate brand identity
  • Discover the top 3 elements that affects your credibility and how to arrest them
  • Identify the essential office dressing know-how for men and women that can sharpen your professional look
  • Ascertain the key grooming steps to looking clean and fresh
  • Master greetings, handling of business cards and introduction protocol
  • Find out how to handle email and answer the telephone professionally
  • Learn how to use social media appropriately while protecting your own as well as the corporate reputation

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