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In What Has Image Got to Do with Success?, we mentioned that it only takes one-tenth of a second to leave a lasting impression. Such is the harsh realities of life.

Luckily, what we could change, is the type of image you can project or want others to see. It's that simple!

Follow these steps, throw in a dash of confidence, and you'll notice a change in reactions of the people you meet!

How You Want to Be Perceived
Consider the image you wish to portray to others, and how you can present yourself in different situations or settings.

At this point, ask yourself: Is your image aligned with your skills, talents and what you hope to achieve in the short- and long-run? Take for example, you are about to be interviewed for the position of Human Resource Director in a large organisation -- how would you present yourself? Would you give the impression that you are confident, and possess the relevant experience and expertise in the field? Would you try to come across as warm, approachable, empathetic and perhaps, a good listener?

Likewise, would you demonstrate your friendliness and show that you are an interesting person in a social situation where you hope to meet a potential partner?

2.    Create a Good Visual Appeal
Personal grooming and dressing can make or break your image. Wear clothes that suit your skin tone, body shape and personality. The right make-up (for the ladies), a neat appearance and some fashion sense will enhance your physical appearance and make you look more pleasant.

3.   Be Consistent
The key to dressing appropriately is to be consistent throughout your visual presentation. Donning a pretty bling hairband with your power suit makes you look unprofessional. Neither is your lucky denim haversack likely to go with your business suit.

4.    Work on Your Mannerisms & Body Language
Observe your standing, walking and sitting postures. Slouching gives the impression that you are unauthoritative and lack confidence. Avoid leaning on the tabletop or a wall for support; straighten your backbone and maintain a firm posture. Uncross your arms to appear more approachable and/or look like you are at ease.

5.   SMILE
Relax your facial muscles and offer a warm genuine smile. Never underestimate our body language's most crucial signal. It offers a good impression and puts your subject at ease.

6.    Learn the Art of Greeting
Always offer a firm handshake and make eye contact.

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