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The first date is usually the deal-maker or deal-breaker. How you look, talk and behave can influence your date's opinion of you and his/her decision to ask you out on a second date.

Just how to behave and what to avoid on your first date? We offer some tips to help you look your best on your first dinner together.

Can't hold your liquor well? Avoid ordering any drinks with alcohol. If you would like a drink, limit yourself to two. The last thing you want is to say or do something you will later regret or worse, look like an alcoholic.

Curry / Spicy Dishes
If you belong to the group of people that perspire buckets when eating anything remotely spicy, skip the chilli! Curry or gravy stains on your clothes too, and can make you look like a sloppy eater.

Hamburgers / Tacos / Hotdogs
If you've ever observed diners widening their mouths to take a big bite off their burger or big sandwich, you will know that this is not a particularly pleasant sight. Foods that you eat with your hands can get messy with dripping sauces, plus, trying to keep the globs of filling in place make you look like a sloppy eater.  

Save the visual experience for friends whom you've known for a longer time.    

Crabs / Crustaceans
Crabs, shellfish and crustaceans are hot-favourites, but tackling them without dirtying your hands (and clothes) is certainly no mean feat. Not something you want to deal with on your first date.

Meat With Bones

Fried fish whole, juicy ribs, and buffalo wings may be finger-lickin' good. But this is something you must avoid on a first date - licking your fingers!

Food With Garlic & Onions
Unless you are trying to repel an undesirable date, garlic or onion breath is a big turn-off.

Corn On A Cob
Firstly, you don't want to be seen nibbling heartily on a ear of corn using your hands. Such experiences are better enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Corn kernels or silk are easily lodged in between your teeth and the result can be unsightly. Avoid all foods with similar effects.

If you think you have food stuck on your teeth, visit the washroom. DO NOT attempt to, no matter how surreptitiously, dislodge them at the table.

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