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Your business attire should speak of your credibility. Combined with your capabilities, it elevates your professional image. Unfortunately, image consultants in Singapore have witnessed many dressing mistakes in the businesses here that are detrimental to one's image and success.

Be sure to avoid these commonly committed dressing mistakes that could alter your credibility at work.

1. Fit
Avoid wearing clothes are so tight that it creates creases and bulges as it pulls horizontally across the body, or so big that it adds bulk and looks untidy. Get your clothes altered to fit you since a proper fit is essential for both comfort and style.

2. Inappropriate Style
Faddish designs, clownish ties, round neck T-shirts, romantic floral dresses, loud colorful prints, stiletto heels, mini skirts are just a few examples of inappropriate styles for business wear. Stick to classic designs, neutral colours, solids or appropriate patterns.

3. Update
Look current by updating your hairstyle and accessories, like your spectacles.

4. Grooming
Ladies should always wear makeup. Make sure that your hairstyle is neat and well-kept. If you have long hair, tie it back or bun it up.

Gentlemen should be clean-shaven. If you decide to keep facial hair, ensure that it is trimmed and neat.

Even if you don't perspire excessively, wear deodorant.

Bitten nails, chipped polish, excessively long nails, nail art should be avoided at all cost.

5. Accessories
Avoid chunky accessories or putting on too many accessories. There should be no more than one ring per hand, with the exception of your wedding band and engagement ring for ladies, which are worn on the ring finger.

Gentlemen, if you wear cuff links with your French shirt cuffs, they should be small and conservative. Again, outlandish designs should be avoided for business wear.

Your briefcase, bag and wallet form part of your image, so make sure they are well-kept and tidy, and goes with your overall professional look.

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